Portable Presents Brooks Atwood. State Library of Queensland. Photo By Pat Brunet/Event Photos Australia.

Last June, Portable brought leading international award winning industrial designer Brooks Atwood to Australian audiences for the first time.

Based in New York, Atwood is one of the leading thinkers and practitioners in American design and industrial design culture. His product design, architectural and interior design work is bold and at the forefront of digital innovation and accordingly he has received acclaim by the likes of the New York Times, New York Magazine and Wired. In addition to being an early proponent of 3D printing, Brooks has been shaping future design thinking for the past ten years in his role as professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, as assistant director the Ideas Factory and through his award winning practice Pod Design.

In his Portable Talks series, Brooks explored how design ideas can be conceived and harnessed using practical and digital tools.

Events were held in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney and consisted of a keynote presentation, Q&A and networking drinks. Audiences came from a varied background across architecture, interior design, industrial design, branding, graphic design, art direction, marketing and advertising.

More information about Brooks Atwood can be found at www.pod-design.com