Chris Corrado Portable

Chris is the Curator and Director of Capsule — a trade show merging fashion and lifestyle into an event fit for futuristic fashion lovers.

The chaotic fashion industry needs a man like Chris Corrado. As the Director of Capsule, Corrado has done the unthinkable — he has not only found a way to consistently discover and champion new independent designers and labels, but he has also perfected the art of curating and editing these many brands into a trade show format.

Corrado participates in every stage of the development, with his influence being of the most importance. Capsule has proven to be one of the most innovative events in the fashion industry through a considered and consistent approach to curation.

In addition to Corrado’s eye for innovative designs and brands, the success of Capsule stems from his methodology of servicing the specific requests of the consumer. Corrado highlights the importance of customer service by hiring efficient and involved sales associates; this, in addition to the remarkable design of the event itself, has created a flawless shopping experience.

Chris was a featured speaker at the Curator’s Conference in New York in 2012.