Portable and CIIC chat to Erik Beck from Portable on Vimeo.

One of the biggest marks on the Portable calendar has just passed us by in a flurry! Erik Beck, founder of Next New Networks‘ Indy Mogul, came all the way from New York to Australia to impart the wisdom he’s learned on the job in a series of presentations in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.

We brought Erik out to pick his brain about what makes an online video series so successful; how do Indy Mogul (and its parent company Next New Networks) manage to boast over a billion views for their shows? How can bedroom filmmakers make a living producing content online? Needless to say, we left feeling a combination of jealousy, inspiration and a desire to whip out our cameras and launch ourselves as the next Erik Beck.

Erik didn’t seem to rest for a minute the whole time he was here; before he arrived he was getting his viewers excited and asking for ideas of where to go and what to see, do and eat, and in between his presentations and those precious hours of sleep, he was meeting local wildlife in the shape of koalas and sharks and tasting some of Sydney’s best noodles.

One of Portable’s partners in the tour, CIIC, had a quick, one-on-one chat with Erik when he stopped by Portable’s Melbourne office, so those of you who missed his presentations can still get a dose of inspiration!