As the co-founder and editor in chief of Cool Hunting, Josh Rubin has mastered the art of discovering and curating the most innovative creations across the world.

Josh Rubin believes that there are no new ideas, just great executions. As an interaction designer he’s always looking for both creative inspiration and an understanding of the way people do things. In 2003 he decided to start a catalog of what he found and haphazardly named it Cool Hunting. Today Cool Hunting is synonymous with seeking inspiration and has a global team of editors and contributors sifting through innovations in design, technology, art and culture to create the award-winning publication that consists of daily updates and weekly mini-documentaries for an international audience of like-minded creative people.

Josh is also responsible for the design of and the iPad app, as well as the distribution via sites like Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. He also consults on strategy, content and design for select clients including Apple, Adobe, Vodafone, Nike, Microsoft and MTV. Josh helped to found the digital consultancy Bond Art + Science, was a Lead User Interface Designer at Motorola, a Design Director at Razorfish, in charge of product development at Upoc Networks and an intern at IDEO.
Josh was featured as a speaker at the New York edition of the Curator’s Conference in 2012.