For the second edition of their 2012 Portable Talks series,  Portable presented a series of exclusive talks with US creative and cultural leader Kirby Ferguson.

Based out of New York, Kirby is part of a new breed of creatives using the internet to execute entire projects. As a writer, filmmaker and documentarian, his works have amassed in excess of 5 million views online. Kirby’s approach to creativity is helping to shape how we relate to, learn and share content in the digital era.

Fresh from presenting his groundbreaking work Everything Is A Remix at the internationally acclaimed TEDGlobal 2012 in Edinburgh, Portable Talks brought Kirby to Australia to discuss his unique take on contemporary culture and online publishing.

Everything Is A Remix explores the history and evolution of the remix culture in modern life. This series has been a catalyst for Kirby to discuss the nature of creativity by breaking down ideas of originality; exploring artistic, technological and business forms. He considers how this culture enriches society, and explores its influence on the future of content creation. In exploring creative styles, he also questions how the work of previous cultural groundbreakers such as Thomas Edison, Led Zeppelin and William Burroughs are today being transformed, referenced and deconstructed by new creative formats.

Kirby will shared his understanding of remix culture, storytelling, producing and releasing content online in a series of intimate and open conversation events. Kirby also spoke about his move from working in a cushy full time job to taking the “scary leap” and becoming an independent artist – encouraging his audiences to do so as well. The audience spanned across creative and technical professionals, including writers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, technologists and publishers.

In his first visit to Australia, Kirby presented for Portable Talks audiences across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, as well as at Melbourne’s edition of the Curators Conference, where he was a keynote speaker.