As part of the Portable Presents Product Design 2012 event, Leni Mayo explored the complexities of conceiving, designing, funding and launching online products to an international audience by drawing on his extensive experience as the founding investor of 99designs – now the world’s largest online marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design.

Leni has been working in IT since the early 1980s. For 15 years, Leni was a freelance software engineer in Australia and Silicon Valley, later becoming an entrepreneur and investor.

Leni is an investor in,, and a co-founder of – part of an online marketplace and media companies based in Melbourne, Australia.

The Product Design 2012 event covered the main points of starting and scaling a product business, from conception to investment and future planning. Leni and his co-presenter, Shaniel Deo of Halfbrick, provided a comprehensive forum for learning and networking with designers, product developers, technologist, entrepreneurs and investors.