Every element of fashion is changing from our shopping habits, to the way in which fashion media receives, creates and delivers news. A new breed of digital fashion businesses are emerging that no longer behave or interact with audiences in traditional ways. We are now in the midst of a fashion revolution. And who better to show us the way then two snazzy New Yorkers?

Followed by millions every month, Refinery29 caters to an international fashion audience through a range of online avenues including designer shops, interactive trend reporting and style guides. In short, these two people who may or may not be named after expensive champagnes are completely switched on, work digital media like it’s a pair of Louboutins and have more business savvy than our entire island put together.

After their successful Australian tour for Portable Talks, in 2012 Piera and Phillipe returned to the Portable Talks family to speak at the New York Curator’s Conference, reaffirming their status as thought-leaders for fashion in the digital age.