Rodrigo Calvo

Rodrigo Calvo is the Managing Director of Mr & Mrs Smith,  a travel publisher and booking service for luxury and boutique hotels.

After opening in 2003 and launching its booking service in 2005, Mr & Mrs Smith have published nine hotel guide books covering hotels globally, from North and South America to Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. As Managing Director, Rodrigo oversees the curation of the world’s best hotels.

With 850+ hotels worldwide, the curation of Mr & Mrs Smith hotels is aided by tastemaker couples. Rodrigo’s team firstly visits and scrutinizes every detail from destination, to style to the service, value for money and wow-factor, but it’s the reviews of anonymous and often famous influencers including Dita von Teese and Stella McCartney that give one final nod to determine whether a hotel is ‘Smith’ worthy.

Rodrigo Calvo is also responsible for bringing the Smith team to America in 2010. He and his team have since been responsible for curating hotels fitting the right level of luxury and boutique for each Mr & Mrs Smith member.

Rodrigo was featured as one of the speakers in the New York edition of the Curator’s Conference, in 2012.